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Italy wants to take action against marine rescuers

“There will be new procedures for sure.”

Italian Government Indicates Measures Against Marine Rescuers

After a recent escalation in the row over the admission of migrants, the Italian government is threatening civilian marine rescuers.

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni meets with the media during a press conference at Palazzo Chigi in Rome. Photo: Roberto Monaldo/La Presse/D

“There will certainly be new measures,” Prime Minister Georgia Meloni said on Friday. She was asked at a press conference if Italy was planning to take measures and, for example, wanted to arrest ships of international organizations that did not comply with Italian rules. The right-wing politician did not specifically address this matter and did not give any details.

Earlier this week, the new government initially banned two organizations – the German humanitarian organization SOS and Doctors Without Borders – from allowing all rescued migrants to disembark from their ships in the port of Catania. This only happened when the Ministry of Health sent the remaining men on board the ships for medical reasons. Meloni recently described the procedure as “strange”. A SOS Méditerranée ship, the “Ocean Viking”, was not allowed into Italian waters and was sent to France. This caused a diplomatic dispute between Rome and Paris.