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Italy: Is this new rule for going to the beach too far?

Italy: Is this new rule for going to the beach too far?


Puglia continues to clamp down on tourists

It’s been known since the beginning of the summer holidays that Italy does something about the crowds of tourists. Now there is one area that tightens the screws back up significantly.


Depending on the beach club, the prices for beach loungers can be ridiculous.

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  • Italy wants to take action against mass tourism.

  • There are some ridiculous rules depending on the region.

  • Now the tourism association has been run.

Azure waters, wonderful beaches, possibly the best cuisine in the world and hordes of summer tourists: Italy is one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe, if not the world. However, more and more areas of our southern neighbors are dealing with the massive influx of tourists to fight.

Individual regions have already reacted and issued bath towel bans or created a reservation system for visiting the beach. And now this too: in the Puglia region it is forbidden to bring your own food and drink to the beach. This was reported by the Italian newspaper “La Repubblica”.

The lawsuit was filed

But it’s not just tourists who disagree with this strict new rule. The locals are also hesitant. And, as Repubblica writes, Italians are also reluctant to do so, because the Puglia region is already quite expensive. It is said that local residents have already filed a lawsuit in court, the newspaper reported.

But it’s not just the strict rules that make people shake their heads. Depending on the location and the beach, beach chair prices also escalate. In Monopoli Resort, south of Bari, a front row seat on Lido Santo Stefano costs around €100.

“In the end, a Sunday at the beach for a family costs about 250 euros.”

tourism board

Meanwhile, the Tourism Association also got involved. A statement read: “At the end of the day, a Sunday at the beach for a family costs between 250 and 300 euros. This is because there are no set limits for operators of private beaches. They charge up to 25 euros for a salad and the entrance fee is also increasing.” According to For the association, the ban on bringing your own food crosses all bounds.

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