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'It wasn't about losing weight'

‘It wasn’t about losing weight’

Fans are waiting for their new album. Her new single “Easy On Me” is scheduled to be released on October 15. Her last album “25” was released in 2015.

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For a long time there was calm about the British woman with the golden voice. She has now spoken for the first time in an interview about her music, her weight loss, and her newfound treasure.

Much has been written about Adele’s new character. too much. They always speculated why the 33-year-old had lost so much weight.

Now the explanation comes from herself, and she noticed that when she exercised she did not feel any fears, the 33-year-old said in an interview published by the magazine on Thursday. Vogue magazine. “It wasn’t all about losing weight,” said Adele, who has made herself a rarity in recent years and then surprised the public with the new look. The musician said you understand why losing weight is such a shock to many.

Divorce album only to a limited extent

Adele confirmed that she is still the same person, who filed for divorce from her husband Simon Konecki in 2019. Adele tackled the divorce and the parents’ painful separation from their son Angelo in new music. “Over time, the album became a way of explaining things to him – something he could listen to when he got older,” the musician said.

Adele’s new single “Easy On Me” is scheduled to be released on October 15th. Her last album to date, “25”, was released in 2015. There has been speculation for some time that the Oscar and Grammy winner will soon release her new record, which she has been working on for years.

However, the divorce album is only conditional. “It was as if I had divorced myself,” said the British woman. “I realized I was the problem,” Adele said. “All other albums are like this: I did this and that! Then I thought: Oh, crap, I’m actually the main subject.”

Adele spoke in a conciliatory tone of breaking up with Konecki. “None of us have done anything wrong.” “I want my son to see that I really love someone and that I am loved too,” she continued. This is really important to her.

With her new partner, athletic agent Richard Ball, it looks like Adele is on the right track. You feel safe with him. “The last thing I need is someone who doesn’t know where they are or what they want.” She herself is also aware of this: “I know what I want. And I really know what I do not want. “

The magazine announced in the November issue of “Vogue” that Adele will decorate the British and American covers at the same time.

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