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It was a mistake to drop Johnson.

Great Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson (L) poses for a selfie with staff at the South West London Orthopedic Centre. Photo: Kirsty Wigglesworth/AP Pool/dpa


Britain’s Transport Secretary Grant Shabbs has criticized the Conservative Party’s sacking of Prime Minister Boris Johnson as a “big mistake”. “I fully recognize that Boris is flawed,” Shoppes told the Times newspaper (Saturday). At the same time, he emphasized: “We are all flawed in different ways.” You probably already know what Johnson did wrong, and these are known because of an autobiography.

The minister said: “Boris has not always been a detailed person.” Johnson did not read all the documents. “A more direct response to what went wrong would have been nice,” Shabbs said. But you have to judge the whole picture. “He had this force of nature,” the minister said, citing the vaccination campaign that saved thousands, maybe millions, of lives around the world, his support for Ukraine and “breaking the Brexit deadlock.”

Johnson announced his departure from the party in early July after massive criticism. Dozens of Conservative MPs have previously resigned from government offices in protest at his leadership style. During his three-year tenure, Johnson had to justify himself due to several scandals, including the “Particate” affair about illegal lockdown celebrations at the seat of government. In the end, his breakdown was when he escorted a party colleague into an important parliamentary committee office, even though he was aware of sexual harassment allegations against the man.

On September 5, the Tories want to announce who will succeed Johnson as leader of the party and government. Foreign Minister Liz Truss and former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak will contest the election.