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"It just doesn't leave him any space."

“It just doesn’t leave him any space.”

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Grosjean inspires the IndyCar series

What do the French do after leaving Formula 1? Yesterday I took the third podium in the IndyCar series – and liked overtaking maneuvers like this. “I felt a little bit like Alex Zanardi, it wasn’t that bad either,” the 35-year-old laughed. The full story is here!

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Cheers: Then I will disappear from sports!

Fernando Alonso isn’t the only one who doesn’t think much about the reverse starting grid. Alpine consultant Alain Prost finds clearer words On his podcast “Prost in the Paddock”In which he explains: “The best car and the best driver must win.” This is the whole idea behind Formula 1.

So he “hates” scams schemes like the inverted web. If Formula 1 offered something like this, “I would quit the sport,” he explains. Prost, who describes himself as a traditionalist, says the team should instead dominate the first chapter before introducing such things.

10:53 AM

Verstappen Support

The Dutchman was fined for the incident with Lewis Hamilton at Monza. Citizen and GT driver Nicky Katsberg doesn’t understand this. “What Lewis did to Max at Monza should not be allowed,” he says. According to ‘Express’ vs. ‘Ziggo Sport’ “It just doesn’t leave him anywhere,” he explains. The world champion deliberately pushed Verstappen away.

As a driver, you do it because you know you can get away with it. But he doesn’t think he’s okay. “Lewis will take the easy path nine out of ten – as in Imola or Barcelona. But Max is not,” Katzburg explains. As is known, the race hosts saw it differently and blamed Verstappen for the crash.

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All the best!

Congratulations to Juan Pablo Montoya, who celebrates his 46th birthday today. We heartily congratulate the seven-time Grand Prix winner! The Colombian has never won a world title during his time in Formula 1. That’s why he won the Indy 500 twice, apart from the first division – and made a lot of funny stories!

Helmut Marko once told us, for example: “He never ate vegetables or salad, there were only burgers for him. So I said we only had salads in the house. He walked around in it, barely eating anything.” He had never seen such a lazy driver when it came to endurance. The full story is here!

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Schumacher: Here’s what awaits you in the Netflix documentary!

Never before has the Schumacher family spoken out so openly about their fate and been granted such generous access to their photo and film archives. More Formula 1 videos

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Documentary on Schumacher: Todd has “tears in his eyes”

A new documentary about Michael Schumacher’s life and career premiered on Netflix last week. In this, long-time Ferrari team boss and family friend Jean Todt had his words. The current FIA chief revealed that he had to resist tears when he watched the final movie.

Compared to the French “l’Equipe”, he says out loud “Bild”: “The family’s sayings are especially touching. It’s unbelievable how they express their feelings with such tenderness and love. Or Mick – tears were in my eyes.” Overall, it’s a “movie full of emotions”.

09:51 AM

Alonso: Reverse grid would not be ‘fair’

How can you make sprint races more exciting in the future? In this context, the last suggestion came (again) to try and form a reverse start. However, many fans do not have this idea. Fernando Alonso also reveals: “I’ll take it because I’m in a slow car. But I don’t think that would be fair.”

In general, the Spaniard sees Formula 1 as trying very hard to turn everything into a show. “I don’t know of any other sport that is trying so hard to improve the show,” Alonso explains. In football, for example, don’t make the goals bigger in a boring game. “There is no such drama,” he shrugs.

“Formula 1 should be satisfied and proud of their offer,” he asserts. You don’t have to change something all the time.

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Racing week!

Hello and welcome to a new edition of our Formula 1 live stream. After a week’s break, it’s finally back in racing: Raceweek! First Division is on its way to Russia, with the 15th round of this year’s World Championships set to take place this weekend in Sochi. And here in the tape we want to get you in the mood for the next few days.

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