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It is not safe for Prince Harry to go to England

Prince Harry, who is visiting England, fears for the safety of his family.

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  • Sussex foreigner Duke wants to enforce police protection in court.

Harry’s lawyer Shaheed Fatima said in London on Friday that he did not feel safe in the UK. Small plate. The Lord of Sussex, who emigrated to the United States with his wife and children, wants to take legal action to ensure police protection for them when they return to his home country.

Prince Harry and his wife Megan retired from government service in April 2020 and now live in California with their two children. The British Home Office later refused to provide police officers for Harry’s security during his visit, although the prince was willing to pay for the operation himself.

Harry and Megan use their own security team in the United States. However, they allege that their bodyguards in the UK did not have enough authority to protect his family and had no access to British intelligence.

Home Office attorney Robert Palmer said Harry’s offer was “inappropriate” for police security costs. “Personal police protection is not available on the basis of private funds,” he argued. Depending on the reason Harry is in the UK, the relevant government panel will decide on a case-by-case basis whether to seek police protection.

Harry appealed the Home Office’s decision in September. It is yet to be decided whether there will be procedures for that.

While visiting the UK last summer, Harry’s car arrived Paparazzi Walked out of a charity event in London. The next day, he and his older brother William unveiled his statue in Kensington Palace. Mom In 1997 Diana ran Paparazzi Died in Paris.

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