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‘It could blow up the world’: Joe Biden’s joke about the end of the world has people shaking their heads

‘It could blow up the world’: Joe Biden’s joke about the end of the world has people shaking their heads

“Cognitively weak”: US President Joe Biden caused a lack of understanding with a nuclear joke. (AP Photo/Godofredo A. Vasquez)


This joke made by US President Joe Biden backfired. His casual comment about the US Navy’s nuclear force against a civilian drew sharp criticism from opponents.

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  • US President Joe Biden visited a windmill factory in Colorado.
  • He spoke to one of the factory workers and joked about the power of America’s nuclear weapons.
  • His saying that he “could blow up the world” was not well received.
  • On X (formerly Twitter) the 81-year-old man’s cognitive abilities are being called into question.

A lot of people made bad jokes. But with an American president, its influence is somewhat greater.

In the Visit to the windmill factory in Pueblo, Colorado“My Navy has the code to blow up the world,” Joe Biden shouted. The US President added “nuclear weapons” while speaking to a factory worker who asked the President a question.

The joke hit social media like a bombshell. Some critics of the 81-year-old president wondered what he meant by this strange exchange.

“A weak-minded man”

“It should be illegal for this cognitively disabled man to be in charge of nuclear weapons codes,” Rogan O’Handley of DC Draino Newsletter wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

American conservative critic Benny Johnson quipped that the comments were “normal Joe Biden quotes.”

Another user quipped: “In today’s edition of: What if Trump said that?”

A bag containing nuclear weapons codes

When traveling outside the White House, US presidents are traditionally accompanied by an official carrying a briefcase that can be used to authorize a nuclear attack.

What’s called “Nuclear Football” It contains a card containing the codes to authorize such an attack.

However, it is highly unusual for the president to mention the existence of this map. At least towards factory workers or other civilians who do not have security clearance.