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Israel: Defense Minister wants to stop judicial reform

Israel: Defense Minister wants to stop judicial reform

Protests lasted a week

The Minister of Defense fears for Israel’s security – he wants to stop judicial reform

Israeli Security Minister Yoav Gallant asks the government to postpone reforming the judiciary: There is great discontent among his soldiers, and many of them refuse to appear on duty. This threatens the security of the country.


On March 25, 2023, 200,000 people took to the streets in Tel Aviv alone.


  • For nearly three months, tens of thousands of people have been protesting regularly against judicial reform planned by the far-right government.

  • Now even a minister from Prime Minister Netanyahu’s government has publicly opposed the project.

  • Defense Minister Yoav Gallant is not afraid that the country’s security is at stake.

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, 64, called on his government to halt controversial judicial reform on Saturday. Gallant said in a speech was scheduled surprisingly: “We have to stop the process of starting the dialogue.” He spoke of a time frame until Israel’s Independence Day on April 26.

the National Security Otherwise, you will suffer serious damage. He has heard troubling statements from army chiefs in recent weeks. He spoke of “anger, pain, and disappointment in an intensity I’ve never felt before.”

The reservists are no longer moving

In his speech, the Minister of Defense referred to numerous cases of reservists who did not show up for service in protest of judicial reform. “We must stop any form of disobedience,” he demanded. Mass demonstrations must also stop in order to enable dialogue between opponents and supporters of reform. “The threats around us are great,” Gallant warned. He was referring to the ongoing conflict with the Palestinians and Iran’s nuclear program.

The right-wing religious coalition surrounding Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants to implement the basic elements of reform in the next few days. The Supreme Court is accused of excessive interference in political decisions. So it should be possible in the future for Parliament to overrule decisions of the Supreme Court by a simple majority. In addition, the composition of the judge appointment body must be changed. Critics see the separation of powers in danger and warn of a national crisis.

Show again with 200’000 participants

For eleven weeks, search in Israel Mass protests against reform instead of. Clashes are frequent between demonstrators and security forces. Security forces Be tough There have already been a number of arrests. According to media reports, nearly 200,000 protesters gathered in the coastal city of Tel Aviv on Saturday night to demonstrate against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s plans.

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