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Is this the worst T-shirt trend in recent years? vote!

03/14/2023, 19:5803/15/2023, 13:38

Madeline Siegrist

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Kids of the 2000s must be happy with current fashion trends: With the Y2K style, cargo pants, sheer T-shirts, and bomber jackets celebrate their comeback this year. (We’re still waiting for the Miss Sixty zip-up jeans to come back. Fingers crossed.)

But there are things we should leave where they belong. In the 2000s, namely. The latest example is Ed Hardy T-shirts, which are currently very popular again.

Scrolling through online stores, you are presented with something like this every so often.

Horror T-shirts

“Almost sell out.” Yes, well done.picture: Asus

or something like that.


Yes, Ed Hardy and his colorful costumes are definitely back.

But let’s try calm to stay positive.

Surely there have been T-shirt trends in recent years that have been more disruptive, right? or?

Vote in a duel for the most outrageous shirt trend! (You push or press the ugliest shirt, not the least bad one.)

Did we forget your favorite hate shirt? Then post it in the comments!

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Typical things from the year 2000


Typical things from the year 2000

Source: Wikipedia

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