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Is this his answer to Prince Harry?

Prince Harry has been shooting Prince William for months. Is this his answer to Harry now?


The basics in brief

  • Prince Harry is an author.
  • With his remarks, he also insulted Brother William.
  • He could have answered Harry with this statement.

Officially, he has not (yet) made any comment on his brother’s book. But Prince William, 40, can’t seem to refrain from responding informally.

Yet Prince Harry (38) months against him a relationship Fire, says my brother William Now this: “Some people suffer in silence!”

Is this actually William’s subtle reaction to Brother Harry? Only he knows the answer.

What is certain is that Prince William spoke to flood victims in Australia for 14 minutes from the palace. In the video call, the future heir to the throne said the following.

Prince Harry posted this hilarious and controversial video of himself attending the Invictus Games. – woman

“You have people who take care of each other and support each other. Please Place Make sure you take care of yourself and those in your community who need it most. Because some people suffer in silence.

Prince William and Prince Harry have not been in contact for months. At least since Harry’s book Backup was published, the connection has completely gone out.

Should Prince William make an official statement about Harry?

The next meeting of the two brothers may be in May. Then you will FatherCharles III. (74) The next King of England is crowned.

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