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Is there even a risk of resigning after a property bankruptcy?

Is there even a risk of resigning after a property bankruptcy?

In a controversial final film, Lewis Hamilton lost the Formula 1 world title to Max Verstappen. His team leader does not rule out resignation.

The basics in brief

  • Lewis Hamilton loses the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix title to Max Verstappen.
  • His Mercedes team withdrew in protest at the race result.
  • According to team boss Toto Wolff, the Briton is even considering retiring from Formula 1.

the Formula 1 World Champion 2021 he is called Max Verstappen. The Dutch Red Bull star snatched the title from Sir Lewis Hamilton in a controversial final in Abu Dhabi. Mercedes drops protest Verstappen’s title has been locked since Thursday.

Mercedes withdraws protest against Max Verstappen – the right decision?

How bad can you be in a Mercedes can be seen from Skip the FIA ​​Awards Ceremony in Paris. Neither Hamilton nor his team boss Toto Wolff will participate in expensive Sign up on Thursday evening.

Formula 1 in the future without the record champion?

And even Wolff points out that Sir Lewis Hamilton is sport He might turn his back on forever. Compared with the BBC He is at least not completely convinced that the 36-year-old will start again in 2022.

“I think as a racing driver his heart would tell him to keep going,” Wolff said of Hamilton’s future. “But we have to overcome the pain. Lewis and I are very disappointed at the moment.”

History enters the final round of a crazy season – Max Verstappen is the world champion. – SRF

“We love this sport, with every bone in our body – because a stopwatch never lies. But if we break the basic principles of sports justice, then suddenly a stopwatch becomes inappropriate.”

Lewis Hamilton “Greatest Racing Driver of All Time”

It will take “a long time” to process events in Abu Dhabi. “I don’t think we’ll ever get over it. It’s not possible, especially for him as a racing driver. I just hope we can keep going.”

Wolf would find the British resign prematurely. “I really hope Lewis continues – he is the greatest racing driver of all time. It’s better than ever – but first we have to get over this pain.”

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