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Is the final end imminent?

Stefan Moros: Tour dates are always pushed back

Last year, Stefan Moross, 47, and Anna-Karina Wojciech, 30, announced their next “Immer wieder Schlager” tour. But then this: The couple divorced in November 2022! This should not only lead to changes in the private sector, but also their professional cooperation beginning to unravel. I’m Nothing, You’re Nothing, Mr. Morse became the sole representative of the tour, and there was no trace of the blonde on the poster – even if she was supposed to be present on some of the dates. Fans were hoping the behind-the-scenes parties would take place despite the fanfare, but it was better taught at the beginning of the year: Stefan Moross announced on Instagram and Facebook that the tour would have to be postponed:

In order to make our concert series legendary, we need more time for our preparations and our backstage team. So unfortunately we can Just start in the month of March and have a ride for you.

Fans were briefly reassured that the concerts had only been postponed, but unfortunately it didn’t stop there. At the beginning of March it was announced that several concerts in March and April had been canceled without replacement. Mrss’s social media posts are now gone from the channels. Reason enough to believe that this tour Now completely falling into the water? Here is another tip…