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Is Texas Instruments responsible for the chip crisis?

Is Texas Instruments responsible for the chip crisis?

The chip crunch has a new person in charge. According to Taiwanese manufacturers, there is no shortage of high-end chips, only analog integrated circuits. Its largest manufacturer: the American technology group Texas Instruments.

Texas Instruments (TI) is said to bear most of the blame for the shortage of electronic products: the company is not expanding production of analog integrated circuits (analog integrated circuits) or is not expanding them very quickly. That, not a lack of high-end chips, is leading to a chip crisis — at least say Taiwanese manufacturers of components for computers, smartphones and other electronic devices DigiTimes.

TI scapegoat

The largest manufacturer of analog devices is Texas Instruments. These circuits perform tasks such as regulating voltage in electronic devices. Simply put, you are responsible for the power source.

Taiwan manufacturers say TI won’t be able to offer more chips until late 2022. This results in long delivery times and manufacturers cannot meet their schedules. Of course, this also means delaying new orders even more.

The lack of analog ICs affects everyone. Apple is said to have ordered fewer chips from TSMC because it can’t produce enough iPhone 13 due to the lack of these circuits. TSMC is the largest semiconductor manufacturer. According to this report, it is not TSMC’s fault that you have to wait for your iPhone 13. But US companies such as TI or Analog Devices that do not provide enough circuits.

If these reports are correct, the chip crisis – which may have to be renamed the circle crisis – should accompany us until the end of 2022, if not the beginning of 2023.