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Is Michelle Hunziker talking about her doctor here?

Is Michelle Hunziker talking about her doctor here?

Michelle Hunziker is officially still single in life. For Easter, I posted thoughtful sentences.

The basics in brief

  • Michelle Hunziker has yet to officially confirm her new love.
  • At Easter, strong blonde hits calm tones.

In this Easter Holiday Michael Hunziker, 45, had to hunt for eggs without him.

For the first time in years, the beautiful presenter celebrated the ceremony without her husband, Tommaso Trussardi (39). Whether it’s her new friend and PhysicianWhom do women trust, d. Giovanni Angiolini (40) was there?

Only Michele Hunziker knows the answer. One thing is for sure, that the power blonde has become thoughtful for the party. Post unfamiliar words Instagram-Channel.

«Days of peace, days of collection. To be with the one you love. And think about anything you want to change in your life.”

And one can read more: “About all that is well and that must die at all. To be reborn brighter, freer and stronger.”

Ah yes, does Michelle mean her ex? Or does it belong love For a successful doctor already a thing of the past?

in one RTLAnyway, Michelle Hunziker recently said in an interview: “I’m doing really well. Really good!”

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