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Is Meghan Markle really ‘so nice and so positive’?

Well, who would have thought so. Prince Harry, 38, probably knew it since they met and now everyone can hear it too.

Meghan Markle, 41, is not actually a hooligan. On the contrary: the former actress is really beautiful. At least that’s what a former employee says.

In his book Gilded Youth, author Tom Quinn speaks to several former employees of the Duchess of Sussex.

“She’s basically a very nice, smiling, and very positive person,” she says.

“But after always feeling like she’s in control of her own destiny and having the kind of personality that aspires to be the best, she suddenly finds herself in an organization she can’t influence. This gives people unchanging roles.”

“Meghan was dazzled by the worldwide fame being a princess would bring her. But she was shocked by palace protocol and the fact that she was not, and never will be, on top.”

The author is further quoted: “She hated restrictions and rules. She hated being a second-rate princess—second-rate to Kate.”

As we know, it didn’t work. The Queen († 96) gave Harry and Megan Frogmore Cottage as a gift. which King Charles has since robbed.