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Is Karina engaged?

Is Karina engaged?

Will Thomas Gottschalk’s wedding bells ring soon? Giant show gossip on live tv.

The basics in brief

  • Thomas Gottschalk has been living his life with Karina Gross since his split from Thea.
  • Gottschalk describes Kareena as “the woman of his dreams”.
  • Now the wedding could be imminent.

In 2019, TV legend Thomas Gottschalk (71 years old) announced his separation from his wife Thea (75 years old). He has since been working on Cloud Nine with Karina Moros (58): “I’m actually not a dreamer, but Karina is truly the woman of my dreams. Otherwise I wouldn’t have dared to jump in.”

Will Kareena be under cover soon? The TV look is suspicious.

On Saturday evening, Thomas Gottschalk was a guest at RTL-Blödelshow “Because they don’t know what’s going to happen.” Spectators get their money’s worth. One of the tasks was to pull champagne glasses from the pyramid and then drink it. Without collapsing stacked glasses.

Thomas Gottschalk loses the ring

The alcohol takes effect after a short time. Gottschalk has long been distracted by the delicious game, a shocking discovery. “My ring is gone?” Wonders.

Playing partner Barbara Schöneberger (47) goes on a search and asks the ex “Wetten, dass..?”Supervisor Direct: “Your ring? What is this, your wedding ring? “Arrest!

Gottschalk keeps out of sight, and says, “No, no, but almost.” Is it really a sermon?

After extensive searching, Schöneberger found the nearby wedding ring, handed it to the show titan and smiled: “It doesn’t mean that Karina is now breaking down at home in front of the TV!”

Gottschalk remains quick-witted despite a little alcohol: “Yes, exactly: he’s probably insane, quite intoxicated, throwing his ring away!”

When the wedding ring almost becomes a wedding ring, the public won’t find out about anything on Saturday night.

Are you a fan of Thomas Gottschalk?

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