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Is Charlene from Monaco considering divorce?

Is Charlene from Monaco considering divorce?

It is said that Princess Charlene of Monaco is considering a divorce. For Albert, this is out of the question.

The basics in brief

  • Princess Charlene of Monaco and Prince Albert are not having an easy time at the moment.
  • The 44-year-old is said to have already spoken the word of divorce.
  • But this is not a solution for Prince Albert.

It’s off the big stage!

Prince Albert (64) and Princess Charlene of Monaco (44) last met at a formal meeting months ago. Even after returning to the principality, there was no princess to be seen when Albert visited the Monaco Yachting Event.

Now an insider from the Grimaldis environment reports and chats to the French magazine “Voici”.

Recently, the word divorce is no longer a foreign word in the prince’s palace. Princess Charlene of Monaco intentionally took her vacation at Roc Agel’s country estate.

The Mother The twins Jack and Gabriella (7) are said to be considering a breakup. She is said to have made it clear to Prince Albert how important the change of residence was to her.

“Charlene uttered the word divorce for the first time,” the insider said. “This is unimaginable to Prince Albert. He would do anything to make sure he doesn’t get that far. And Charlene knows it all too well.”

Will Albert and Charlene get together?

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