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Iran reiterates that it will not accept “a plan in stages” and calls for the lifting of all US sanctions.

Madrid, 3 Apr. (Europa Press) –

The Iranian government has reiterated this Saturday that it will not accept a “plan in stages” and has called on the United States to lift all sanctions and return Washington to the nuclear deal. ., Signed in 2015.

In an interview with Iranian Press TV, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Syed Jatibzadeh said: “As has been made clear many times, this is not a plan.

“Iran’s ultimate policy is to lift all US sanctions, which were restructured by Trump (or former President Donald) after the withdrawal of the nuclear deal (in 2018) or initiated by him, as well as imposed under any other leadership,” he argued.

US Secretary of State Jalina Porter will address a meeting next week in the Austrian capital, Vienna.

“We do not anticipate specific sanctions, but we are confident that the United States will take steps to ease sanctions in light of that agreement (with Iran),” Porter told a news conference.

The Vienna meeting was announced by the Joint Commission to pursue the nuclear deal signed in 2015, in which the United States did not participate and expressed “commitment” to uphold it despite the unilateral withdrawal of the treaty. Washington in 2018.

The United States has confirmed it will attend the meeting, although it has not held official meetings with Iranian representatives. In this sense, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Yavatzarif has insisted that there will be no meetings with the United States because they are “unnecessary.”

Iranian officials have announced that they will withdraw their obligations on several aspects of the agreement, which has raised fears among signatories that the deal could collapse. However, Tehran continues to argue that these measures could be reversed if the United States lifts sanctions and returns to the agreement.

Tehran has also rejected US demands, insisting that Washington unilaterally withdrew from the agreement and imposed sanctions, thus urging the US to return to the agreement before setting conditions. Has refused to include its missile program in the negotiations.