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Iran: No nuclear deal with US before transfer of power in August

“We do not want to waste a single second of this, but if it does not work, the new government should take up the matter,” Rabbi told state news agency IRNA.

Negotiations have been underway in Vienna since April to revive the 2015 nuclear deal. Under former President Donald Trump, the United States pulled out of the deal in 2018 and re-imposed economically painful sanctions on Tehran. The Islamic Republic gradually expanded its nuclear activities contrary to the treaties and banned international nuclear research. Diplomatic efforts by other treaty states such as Germany, Great Britain, France, Russia and China are currently focusing on the US return to the treaty and the lifting of sanctions against Tehran as provided in the treaty. At the same time, Iran must once again comply with its nuclear requirements.

Newly elected Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi has always been critical of the deal in recent years. Without the agreement, his election promise of lifting US sanctions and a quick end to the economic crisis would not have been possible. Therefore, Rice and his team should continue to negotiate with the importance of the United States. However, viewers suspect that Raisi will continue the moderation of his predecessor Hassan Rouhani.

Tehran wants to replenish its technical obligations, but only if all sanctions imposed by Trump are lifted, Rabbi said. UN This condition also applies to the nuclear company launching full cooperation with the IAEA.