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Iran describes US misdirection on nuclear issue – Brenza Latin

Saeed Gaddafi, a spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry, responded to US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen by saying that the Islamic Republic was oriented to promote a peaceful nuclear program.

Gaddafi pointed out that Washington was going the wrong way by imposing sanctions and coercive measures against the Persian nation.

In this regard, he pointed out that the Iranian people will never forget the crimes of the US government, including the difficulty of purchasing drugs and equipment to fight the Govt-19 epidemic.

To date, the Joe Biden government has resumed the same path as its predecessor Donald Trump.

A spokesman said since the US withdrew from the PIAC, Europe has made 11 firm commitments with Iran, none of which.

European signatories (Germany, France and the United Kingdom) have joined forces with the North American nation to put pressure on Iran and ignore the nuclear deal.

The Islamic Republic never abandoned the sealed agreement in 2015, he pointed out, always seeking dialogue and diplomacy.

The United States has not yet taken the first step, and anti-Iranian sanctions are still in place, he said.

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