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The United States and NATO turn Ukraine into a "powder keg"

Iran demands US to partially release banned accounts

Negotiations resumed in April to salvage the Vienna nuclear agreement with Iran after presidential elections in June and a change of government in Tehran. China, Germany, France, Great Britain and Russia are trying to bring the United States back into the 2015 agreement. Meanwhile, Iran must once again comply with the terms it has been violating since the United States left the country. Then-US President Donald Trump terminated the agreement in 2018, renewing the economic sanctions against Iran that were lifted in the treaty as well as banning the country’s foreign accounts.

Amirbadollahian told state television that Iran would not benefit from the negotiations unless the agreement was implemented in accordance with the treaty and US sanctions were lifted. “The nuclear deal doesn’t do us any good if Iran doesn’t even have access to its own money.” In addition, the new US President Joe Biden claims to be different from his predecessor Trump. “Biden can now prove it in practice,” said Iran’s new top diplomat.

According to Amir Rabadalhyian, Iran will “soon” resume negotiations in Vienna led by its new deputy, Ali Bagheri. Baqeri was appointed first deputy foreign minister to succeed Abbas Araqchi last month. He will then head the Iranian delegation in Vienna. Bagheri is considered a hardliner and has also been a vocal critic of the deal in recent years.

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