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Iqbal Khan is expanding his power at UBS

Promotion in a big bank

Iqbal Khan is expanding his power at UBS

At large UBS Bank, Iqbal Khan will be the sole head of the wealth management division. Tom Naratel, co-head of the most important division of the main bank, will resign from his duties at UBS at the beginning of October 2022 and leave the management of the group.

Publication date: 06:48 AM


Updated: 31 minutes ago

In addition to co-leading the wealth management business, Naratel is also the Head of US Operations. Noreen Hassan has been named as his successor as President of UBS Americas and CEO of UBS Americas Holding, according to a UBS statement. She joined the main Swiss bank from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and will take a seat on the Executive Board of UBS.

Khan is the perfect choice to lead the global wealth management business. It will ensure the smooth implementation of UBS’s global growth strategy. In addition to his job as Co-Head of Asset Management, the 46-year-old Swiss is also responsible for the Europe, Middle East and Africa regions.