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iPhone SE 2022 still comes with the old design

iPhone SE 2022 still comes with the old design

The Home button on the iPhone has been in history since 2017 — among the leaders. The iPhone SE 2022 will likely stick with it.

The basics in brief

  • Recently, Apple updated the design of the cheaper iPhone SE in April 2020.
  • Another new release that should kick off this year is the iPhone SE 2022.
  • This year’s model will likely get 5G and a new chip, but keep the design.

In addition to the expected iPhone 14 An apple This year it is likely to launch a new iteration of the mid-range iPhone. The iPhone SE 2022 (or SE 3) will likely remain the same No design changes hoped for entails. Visually, the device should look like its predecessor, that is, with a new look from 2017. But in terms of hardware, there are some innovations.

5G debuts on iPhone SE in 2022

The new information comes from the self-proclaimed analyst “dylandkt”. Twitter. At the beginning of last year, he already described the iPhone SE without a home button in the appearance of the iPhone 11. But now he has corrected himself, and this model was still quite long.

However, this year’s first iPhone SE will be included in its place 5G network Give. installed for this purpose An apple Here is most likely a high-performance chip. conceivable A15 from iPhone 13, Or even the same thing that will be installed in this year’s flagship.

iPhone SE without home button until 2024

But what about the leaked redesign of a cheap cell phone from An apple Outside? According to Dylan’s statement, this still exists in PipelineHowever, it was postponed. So the device should only be launched in 2024.

After all, fans of Touch ID still do not have to say goodbye. home button disappears, However, the fingerprint scanner remains. This should be from the fourth generation as is the case with IPAD Air can be integrated into the power button located on the side.

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