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iPhone 13 with more storage and faster charging?  |  Face ID on a Mac?

iPhone 13 with more storage and faster charging? | Face ID on a Mac?

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Dawn apple » iPhone 13 with more storage and faster charging? | Face ID on a Mac? | The office is still in the box – Daybreak Apple

Good morning all! iPhone 13 may not only charge faster, but it can also increase memory. However, both are not done yet. Your Mac might get Face ID for this purpose — at some point. Welcome to our public show in the morning.

The iPhone has shipped a maximum of 512GB of storage for years – that’s no small amount, but it could be more, as evidenced by the competition. Recently, there has been other speculation that Apple could double the memory limit on the iPhone 13, More here.

Will the iPhone 13 charge faster?

Not only can the memory size be increased, but the new iPhone may also charge faster. The new charger should speed up the charging speed of your new iPhone a bit, and more You can read here.

Will the Mac get Face ID soon?

Mark Gurman believes that other Apple products will be equipped with Face ID in the future. The reporter is sure that not only all Mac models, but also other iPads will be equipped accordingly, Here is more information.

Short notes from the weekend

Microsoft Office 2021 will still be available as a boxed version, even if Microsoft tries everything to activate customers to Microsoft365, Details here.

We want you New content on Netflix in August Of course don’t hide it even if it was Netflix last night الليلة Few hiccups It was.

And Amazon wants to gradually equip its various echoes with the material, More details here.

With that, I wish you a happy start to the week.

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