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iPhone 13 Pro: Apps need editing on 120Hz screen

iPhone 13 Pro: Apps need editing on 120Hz screen

who – which iPhone 13 Pro (Max) With ProMotion Screen. Monitors support refresh rates up to 120Hz. However, for apps to be able to display 120 images per second, they must first be optimized for the new panel.

If an app developed for iOS 15 is not modified accordingly, content will only be displayed at a 60Hz refresh rate. Standard UI elements are an exception, for example, some animations are automatically rendered at 120 frames per second. This includes, for example, scrolling through the application. For other animations, developers have to adapt their code.

Regulations should extend battery life

App developers who want to adapt their software to the loud ProMotion display should be a must 9to5mac Edit the plist file and add an additional entry. This tells the operating system that the application depends on the higher refresh rate. This should extend your iPhone’s battery life, as apps with 120Hz are only shown if they really need this feature.

Additionally, an issue with Apple’s core animation technology has surfaced in the past few days. An error causing refresh rate problems. Core Animation is an interface that can be used to create animated user interfaces. Until the manufacturer solves the update issue, the transitions based on the basic animation will play at 60 frames per second.

120Hz playback issues shouldn’t be the only point An apple It should be fixed with a future update. Some users can no longer unlock their devices with their Apple Watch after restoring a backup. It is not yet known when the patch will be made available.

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