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iOS: Whatsapp is testing new functionality - view photos only once

iOS: Whatsapp is testing new functionality – view photos only once

Whatsapp rolled out a new beta version of its iOS app over the weekend, with two interesting innovations.

Whatsapp, like Apple, has started publicly testing beta versions of its app. To do this, you will have to download Test Flight to your iPhone and be quick enough to get to a somewhat shortlisted list of beta testers. In the current update of the program

Trial version
For iOS, there is a revision of notifications as well as a completely new function for self-deletion of photos and videos.

Just look once, but…

The principle is already known from other competing applications: the sender chooses a setting when sending the message so that the image or video is shown only once for viewing. If the recipient receives a message with a photo or video, they can view it as long as the app is open. If the app closes, the sent videos or photos will disappear from the chat history. For the sender, the “Open” status of the sent image is hidden. The recipient cannot restore this. When sending images, the application warns the user that the recipient(s) can take screenshots of them and thus save the image from deletion.

Colleagues in the PC world criticize this as neglect
Looks like Whatsapp can do files

Screenshot blocking function is special on Android
It cannot be implemented reliably, as there are always malicious apps that bypass the lock without the user’s knowledge.

On iOS, there has been a setting for self-deletion of messages for some time, this can be set individually for each conversation, and messages are deleted after seven days.

The second change concerns notifications on the iPhone, where Whatsapp will apparently allow smart notifications, which expand into the lock screen and provide more content if the user clicks on them for a longer time. You will also be able to scroll through the newer and older notifications. It remains to be seen if Whatsapp will finally be able to display sent photos on the Apple Watch not as a pixelated preview, but at an acceptable resolution.