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iOS 17.2 and tvOS 17.2: Wish Lists Expire Issue – and Where They Are Now

iOS 17.2 and tvOS 17.2: Wish Lists Expire Issue – and Where They Are Now

Apple's restructuring of its movie and TV series offerings in tvOS 17.2 and iOS 17.2 has caused uncertainty among many users. The removal of the iTunes Store — along with the complete deletion of two apps on Apple TV devices — makes it seem as if the Wish List functionality is completely gone as well, along with potentially years of user-curated content. However, at least on the iPhone there is still an option to view the data.


With the two updates, Apple has once again accelerated the path toward streaming that it has been following for years. The iTunes Store, a dedicated hotspot for TV shows and movies you could previously buy or rent on iPhone and Apple TV, is no more. Instead, users are sent to the TV app, Apple's central collection point for transferring photo content, through which its TV+ video service is also marketed. This means that two apps are no longer available on Apple TV: iTunes Movies and iTunes TV Shows. The Wishlist functionality is completely missing from the TV app for tvOS, and viewing is no longer possible on the device.

Apple (still) has a rewind function on the iPhone: the iTunes Store app has been retained here, through which you can still purchase individual music tracks. If you're in the Music section, there's a menu button at the top right. A wishlist overview then appears immediately, containing songs as well as TV series and movies. Problem: Apple doesn't seem to offer exporting here; In the worst case, you have to do it manually using a screenshot. Additionally, very few users will likely expect their video wishlist to be located in the Music area. It would be better suited for the TV application, to which motion picture sales have also moved.

It's not entirely clear whether Apple will bring Wishlist back to tvOS. If you don't have an iPhone, you'll lose out at first. Users with access should go through the list and note the most important films and series. Apple is unlikely to keep iTunes, which is currently just a skeleton anyway, in the long term.

There are users who keep the wish list very intensively. In several forums and on Reddit, users have reported that there are several hundred movies on their list that they still want to watch. A support document explaining how to use the iTunes app to apparently locate missing data has not been published. On Mac, Wish Lists are also available in the Music app Under “Account” and “Wish List” To find it – where you would just look for your music purchasing needs.


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