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iOS 14.5 is here: These are the new features

iOS 14.5 is here: These are the new features

Apple launched iOS 14.5. PCtipp has brought together the new features for you.

The new iOS 14.5 release was expected for February. But then another beta … and another one. Beta 7 was last released on April 7th. But now the official update is here. And after several betas, there are a lot of new features. We list:

Apple Watch to unlock – even with the mask

Apple Watch, if applicable, will act as a security code. With the help of the new feature, the iPhone can be unlocked thanks to the smartwatch, as was the case with the Macbook. This has the advantage that despite the mask being worn (currently everywhere), it is no longer necessary to enter the PIN. After identifying the unsuccessful Face ID, the watch only needs to be lifted and the phone unlocked. In the face menu Identity code The corresponding option can be activated.

Standard music service

Standard music streaming service can be set individually. If Siri is now prompted to play music, all music services will be listed and you can select one – the restriction on Apple’s special services no longer applies.

This means Siri can finally remember Spotify as the favorite. Once you consciously select Spotify, Spotify playlists will play in the future.

Spotify is also Siri-Standard

What: Macrumors

Four Siri voice options

Users are now offered four possible voice options for Siri during setup – both male and female voices. These can be selected and changed. However, this option is currently reserved for the English language.


In the final keynote, Apple has also introduced Airtags, among other things. The round chips should help you find lost items. IOS 14.5 is required in order to be found within Find-My-App (Where is it?).

Colleague Zellweger writes: “If it is just about finding the keys or a bag in the apartment, it works best with an iPhone that can also handle UWB, that is, iPhone 11 (Pro) or iPhone 12 in all of them have executions. In such cases it is. , The iPhone becomes tracked, reminiscent of the movie “Aliens” and precisely indicates where it was found. The U1 chip also provides audio, visual and tactile feedback on the iPhone. “