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Interview with Christoph Berger – Here’s What the Head of Vaccination Says About Ten Claims Made by Vaccination Skeptics

This is what the head of vaccination says about ten claims made by vaccination skeptics

Christoph Berger, Chairman of the Federal Commission on Vaccination, comments on the claims of skeptics about vaccination.

Natural infection trains the immune system. This is not the case with the Covid vaccination.

I do not agree with this statement at all. Like any other vaccine, the Covid vaccine also trains the immune system But in a less dangerous way. This is exactly what happens with covid infection Jdead body. With a difference you could die from it.

The development of the Covid vaccine went much faster than other vaccines. This is the uncertainty factor.

All necessary approval steps have been completed. These phases usually take place one after the other, but due to the high burden of disease caused by the Covid virus, they have been linked in parallel. In addition, a very large number of test subjects participated in the Phase III studies Hardly ever to get a new vaccine.

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