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International Press Reports - “Classic Art”: “Gentleman” Federer - Sport

International Press Reports – “Classic Art”: “Gentleman” Federer – Sport

International Press Reports – “Classic Art”: “Gentleman” Federer – Sport – SRF

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Man of the World: The international press is once again focusing on Roger Federer’s brilliant career.

Of course, the announcement of Roger Federer’s resignation was the buzz in the Swiss newspaper jungle. But the world press also insisted on celebrating “King Roger” again. This is how Federer made it, for example, in south germans, to me Standard, L’Equipe, Guardian, El Pais, CNN And the Washington Post on page 1.

An excerpt from media around the world:

  • The Sun (Great Britain): “Roger and get out. Fed up – the Swiss legend has won an astonishing 20 Grand Slam titles in his illustrious career.”
  • The Guardian (UK): “He has changed the game and has always been a gentleman – but now is his time.”
  • L’Equipe (France): “May the Lord protect the King. His whole game is bounded by art and grandeur. It will be a passionate farewell.”
  • Marka (ESP): “A model of a gentleman, perhaps the best gentleman in men’s tennis.”
  • Express Mail (AUT): “Unlike his rivals, who are considered sporting icons, Federer seemed to shed everything, his grace on the court, his beautiful hand, and his grace in his every move, inspiring the crowd.”
  • Gazzetta dello Sport (ITA): “Federer is a classic: he goes, but he stays anyway.”
  • The New York Times (USA): Roger Federer, the stylish and enduring Swiss superstar who has dominated men’s tennis for two decades. He made the game look so easy.”
  • Washington Post (USA): “While the decision was not surprising, it is a sad and poignant reminder that we are nearing the end of an unprecedented golden age.”
  • ESPN (US): “Without the joy of his annual Main Court appearance at Wimbledon, tennis would look different – it would certainly be much poorer.”
  • Blic (SRB): “God’s tennis – simply the greatest.”

SRF 3 afternoon bulletin, September 15, 2022, 3:30 p.m.;

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