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International Baby Names: These baby names are popular in America

Updated on 03/09/2023 15:47

  • When it comes to choosing a name for a newborn baby, many parents frustrate their creativity.
  • How about a popular first name from America?
  • They are often cool and internationally recognized.

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When searching for the perfect name for their offspring, many parents use popular first names from neighboring countries, for example French baby names or Dutch first names. But inspiration for European families also draws from the other side of the Atlantic. American first names, or more common first names in America, sound good internationally and are often especially cute. These first names According to the US Social Security Administration Especially popular among North Americans.

Liam, Oliver, James: English first names for boys are really cool

Liam Neeson, Liam Hemsworth, Liam Gallagher – Name Liam There are some famous representatives. No wonder, then, that it has become the most popular boy name in the US in 2021. With Old High German and Irish roots, Liam means “resolute warrior”.

The second most popular American first name for boys Noah. The name is derived from the Hebrew word “Noah” and means “maker of comfort”.

He won third place Olivier, which was popular in Germany. Oliver may derive from both Old High German and Latin. Old High German meaning “warlike nature spirit”, Scandinavian meaning “offspring of God” and Latin Oliver meaning “planter of the olive tree”.

Elijah English version of the common names Elijah and Elias in Germany. It is of Hebrew origin and means “Jehovah is my God”. In America, Elijah is the fourth most popular boy name in 2021.

A classic English name that is still popular today James. What many people don’t know: James comes from the Hebrew name Jacob. Translated as “May God protect”.

Olivia, Charlotte, Ava: elegant girl names

Landed with girls’ names Olivia 2021 is at the top. The feminine form of Oliver means “olive tree” or “olive”. In a more distant sense, Olivia can also be translated as “quiet one”.

As it is in Germany, so it is in America Emma A popular female name. In fact, it has an Old High German origin. Derived from “ermin”, emma means “all-encompassing”, “great”.

And third in the US, Charlotte, is on the rise again in Germany. In English, Charlotte is the feminine form of Charles, derived from the Old High German name Karl. Charlotte means “free”, “capable” and “beloved”.

Ranked fourth in the US Amelia – Another name of Old High German origin. Amelia is derived from the names Amalberga, Amalfrida and Amalcunde. It translates to “capable” or “courageous”. So far, the Latin name Emilia is widespread in Germany – so Amelia could offer a change.

True, name Ava Rare in Germany, but very popular first name in America, of Old Saxon origin. Derived from the word “aval”, awa means “strong” and “powerful”. But other derivations are possible for Ava. Ava means “sound” in Persian, “water” in East Frisian, and “bird” in French.
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