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Intense Training – Thomas Ural starts in Sandhausen

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from: Marco Buselman

Thomas Ural approached training at SV Sandhausen on Wednesday with high intensity. It soon becomes clear: the 49-year-old relies on communication.

“What does free play mean to you, Philip?” midfielder Thomas Ural asked Philip Och during a training session. The scene is symbolic of the approach of Sandhausen’s new coach. During training on Wednesday (February 22), it is immediately noticeable: Ural communicates a lot on the field, he is very energetic – his instructions are clear and loud.

Intense training – Thomas Ural starts at SV Sandhausen

“You could say the boys have defeats in their clothes. It’s evident in the situation,” Ural describes his first impressions of the team to HEIDELBERG24. “Now we have to get a little closer to the boys.”

In addition to the preparation exercise, in which the 49-year-old dialed a number for each position players must move towards, the passing game was also practiced in a tight spot. “I always call it the ‘Barca game’,” Oral explains to the SVS pros. During breaks, the players should not stand still, but jog easily. “Less nervous, more talking,” Oral tells the team.

‘I can’t hear you enough’: SV Sandhausen coach Thomas Ural relies on communication

It soon becomes clear: the football coach attaches great importance to communication. “I don’t hear you enough,” he shouts to David Kinsumbe and Marcel Retzmaier, for example, during a rehearsal. “The first impression is very good, he’s a good coach,” captain Dennis Decmaer told HEIDELBERG24.

Next Saturday (February 25th / 1pm) it will be shown whether the intense training pays off directly. Sandhausen then made a guest appearance at 1. FC Nürnberg, which is also in trouble. By the way: Oral responded to Philip Ochs’ answer, which was a bit too quiet for the observers, with a simple: “Exactly.” good start. (mab) A note on transparency: HEIDELBERG24 is the media partner of the SV Sandhausen 1916 eV