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Intel: The Meteor Lake Compute Tile made the tape

Intel 2020At the end of the week, Intel announced that the Meteor Lake Compute Tile had duct tape behind it. This ends the design phase and Intel makes the first chips. Once these are back from production, one talks about the tape. According to Intel, this is an important milestone.

Meteor Lake was first mentioned by Intel In mid-March as part of the strategy change to IDM 2.0. Manufactured at 7nm, the computing boxes – supposed to be equipped with physical CPU cores – are a central component of future Intel processors. This makes it increasingly clear at Intel that there’s really no getting around to the design of a tiny chip. In Intel, chiplets are called tiles. By the end of 2021, Intel will release the Xe-HPC-Chip Ponte Vecchio is a maximum expansion stage of chip design with 41 tiles Come into effect.

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The Meteor Lake duct tape is now finished, but it will be two years before we see the products. Ice Lake celebrates its bar in June 2017, but due to production issues at 10nm it took until 2019 before the first notebook processors were introduced. Ice Lake only saw daylight on servers this spring Four years after the tape was inserted.