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Intel confirms LGA 1851 socket

Intel confirms LGA 1851 socket

From Andrew Link
Intel has – perhaps involuntarily – confirmed that Meteor Lake will get a new socket. However, LGA 1851 seems to differ only in the number of contacts and their assignment.

Most likely, Intel has published data about Meteor Lake, which has now involuntarily hit the Internet: according to this, the generation based on the Intel 4 (7 nm) process will have an LGA 1851 socket. The dimensions of the package are 45 x 37.5 mm. It should be kept , but the number of pins will be increased. But why Meteor Lake needs a new base isn’t clear at first. So far, there has been no talk of downward compatibility, despite the contact spacing apparently.

It might be the LPDDR5X-7500’s support, but that would be a weak argument. It is also conceivable that the packaging will be changed due to Intel He wants to use Foveros packs from Meteor Lake, where a GPU slab, likely manufactured at 3 nm at TSMC, is placed on the back of the CPU box. The relatively small footprint of IGP makes it easy to manufacture in processes that quickly cause yield problems in large areas. In addition, CPU tiles are easy to manufacture because there are no defects in the IGP that render the monolithic chip unusable or Class B goods.

Intel Meteor Lake: Next Generation CPU “Ready for Production Today”

The fact that a new socket is coming has been discussed for a long time, and even if AMD shows that the socket can be used over several generations, this is often not without limitations. On Intel platforms, it used to be the norm to buy a new motherboard with the CPU anyway. LGA 1851 appears to be necessary for Meteor Lake and Arrow Lake. Meteor Lake (Gen 14) has been targeted in the second quarter of 2023 in the latest rumor read, Arrow Lake (Gen 15) 2024. However, there have also been rumors that There will be bouts.

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