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Instagram replaces swipe up links: This feature is swipe up

Instagram replaces swipe up links: This feature is swipe up

After a test run in June, Instagram changed an important function of its Stories. To whom does the change apply and what advantages does it bring?

Discount codes in online stores, detailed articles and videos, or, for example, subscribe to a newsletter: Influencers were able to use the “Swipe Up” call in their Instagram story Effect, but also comp Their followers: so far from Social-Media-Plattform Direct direct to sites. The service is now changing its functionality – a trial run that took place a few months ago is the basis.

Instagram is testing changes in Stories – and now track the outcome

Already in June 2021 hat Instagram Work began on changing the stories. While until then only profiles with more than 10,000 followers and verified accounts could share the swipe link in their story, the feature was also opened to select profiles with fewer subscriptions and no verification in the summer.

The well-known scanning process, with which you can access linked websites, has also been replaced by a poster on a trial basis. With the introduction, Instagram wanted to know what response the changed functionality would meet.

The former head of product, Vishal Shah, explained to The Verge at the time that the goal of the test run was to continue rolling out stickers as an alternative to swipe. Shah said it would better match the way the platform is currently used. The results of the beta phase are now visible: Instagram will finally stop the swipe function on August 30, 2021.

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Swipe up to replace Instagram: Who can use the feature now

Instead, new link stickers will be available in the future – initially only to those who meet the criteria (verified account and/or 10,000+ followers) for the previous swipe feature. The possibility of offering direct links to more users as a story option is still being investigated, according to an Instagram spokesperson opposite the edge.

Instagram stickers instead of scanning them: this is the main feature

But what exactly do the stickers change, apart from the movement of the hand with which websites can be summoned directly from the story? In fact, posters provide more opportunities for interaction. While it wasn’t previously possible to reply to Stories using the swipe functionality via emojis or direct messages, these reactions work when using link stickers – if you wish, you can now also provide direct feedback to stories with a link.

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