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Insight into the ESAF Gift Pagoda - wrestlers capture whirlpools, bikes or whirlpools using a QR code - sport

Insight into the ESAF Gift Pagoda – wrestlers capture whirlpools, bikes or whirlpools using a QR code – sport


ESAF’s domed gift temple, with prizes over 1 million francs, attracts crowds. A look behind the scenes.

The Temple of Gifts in Pratteln is full – on two sides. On the one hand, crowds of people roam the dome, which is 46 meters in diameter and overtake each other. On the other hand, the 14-meter-high building is filled with about 400 prizes, which many visitors would like to take a look at.

It’s an overwhelming feeling when I see that. We’ve done our job and are now receiving a lot of positive feedback. It’s exciting. He’s the Gifts Manager for ESAF 2022 and has spent the past three and a half years gifting this dome with his team.

Trassils, wooden chests of drawers, refrigerators, motorbikes, sneakers, toilets, bikes, jacuzzi – prizes worth over CHF 1 million beautifully arranged and presented.

Insight into the Temple of Gifts

If Dieter Furter says something about all the unusual gifts, then “I can talk for half an hour.” Sure the swirl stands out, but it was also good to know how many gift donors asked to identify the carvings for chests of drawers, dressers, chairs, etc. “This teamwork has been impressive,” says Furter.

Pick up gifts with a QR code

The Basel model also found his personal favorite among the 400 gifts: a fondue table with chairs made of milk cartons (see gallery above). “For me, it combines traditional and modern wrestling in a perfect way.”

The head of Gifts stands in his “own” dome, looks around with satisfaction and looks relaxed. The Temple of Gifts opened a couple of weeks ago, and the first highlight of Forter has already been achieved. Now he can enjoy the festival before handing out gifts on Sunday evening.

Forter and the ESAF team came up with a novelty for this: For the first time in a federal event, wrestlers can pick up their gifts via a QR code. Technology is also finding its way into more and more areas of wrestling. “Each athlete has a personal QR code, and they can use it to ‘check in’ at the Gift Temple, choose their gift that contains the code, and then ‘check out’ again,” Forter explains. If technically it works, it’s a relief – gone are the days of signing and tracking things “by hand”.

Mer begrent animals au dear.

Of course, live trophies are not present in the dome. Siegermuni Magnus and Co. has made They are comfortable in a nearby stable. “It’s nice to see the animals here so peacefully even after two weeks. ‘Pass them dear’,” admits the gift manager.

For him, animals as gifts are part of ESAF. “They represent the core values ​​of Swing with their strength and flexibility.” Whether Mooney really comes home with the winner in the end or whether the King of Wrestling decides to go for the money is a tough question. “It is up to the king to decide for himself. But that has not been the case in recent years.”

But the Temple of Gifts will surely empty. And if everything technically works out, Forter can continue to enjoy it while you are completely calm.