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Innovation: Rescue Helicopter Gets Its Own Place

Innovation: Rescue Helicopter Gets Its Own Place

A helipad has been erected in front of the visitor parking lot at Prenzlauer Hospital.


GLG District Hospital in Prenzlau has a new helipad. The site was up and running last week. This is located in front of the visitor car park at the back of the hospital.

“It is a particularly fortified area with a high load-carrying capacity, marked by special signs, marked and also illuminated. In addition to the actual landing site, the airbag and specially installed technology enclosure are visible signs in case no approach or departure can be observed,” explains Reinhard. Al-Tawasir, Head of the Technical Department of the Hospital

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The arena was not only prepared structurally, but for the formal operation the staff had to be trained and deployment plans adapted. “The new landing platform meets all requirements of aviation law.” About 150 thousand euros have been invested in a “private helipad”, the official approval states. By the way, with the start-up in the field, the light signaling system on the access road to the parking lot will play a special role: if the helicopter approaches the landing, it will activate and block the road until the helicopter reaches its end parking lot. Guests should be patient in this situation and ask them to understand.