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Ingolstadt: No place for four-legged friends?  - BZA Mitte must keep searching for a dog park

Ingolstadt: No place for four-legged friends? – BZA Mitte must keep searching for a dog park

If it’s urgent, this way: The toilet in the Künettegraben beer garden should be open to the public.



Answer: Probably nothing for the foreseeable future. The helipad in the Great Meadow in Hindenburg Park, which has been conceptualized by the Citizens Committee for months and appears to be rarely used, is no longer an option for the project, President Franz Olinger (FW) announced at the last BZA meeting. The fence surrounding the site is due to be dismantled as it is no longer completely intact, according to the information now available. So repair – as BZA imagined – is out of the question. “But we remain on the subject and we are still discussing,” the committee said. At the same time, citizens were advised to look for suitable places in the city center and report them to the BZA.

There was more good news about the toilet problem at the Künettegraben. Here, too, BZA has struggled with management for years to find a solution that has now been achieved – thanks to the support of construction consultant Gero Hoffmann, who personally conveyed the good news to the Mitte District Committee meeting. According to this, local gastronomy makes toilet facilities available if the city takes over the entire cleaning costs. The purchase and installation of a time-controlled locking system for toilet doors was taken over by BZA, which was unanimously determined. The project should be implemented this summer.

Idea: Reach the Whistling Tower without a guide

BZA wants to support the City Guide app, which envisions making the Whistle Tower in the Old Town Hall accessible to guests and tourists outside of guided tour times at certain times and in compliance with safety regulations, for example via a revolving door. Examination tickets can be sold in the tourist information department, according to the idea that the BZA unanimously transmitted to the administration for examination. Old wind turbines in Antoniusschwaige and its surroundings will also be modernized – that’s what the citizen envisions. In his opinion, it stands today as a symbol of climate-neutral energy, but in the meantime it has “badly deteriorated,” as he found it. The BZA also sent this request for examination after a unanimous decision – as well as the majority of the desire for more parking space for two-wheelers in the Kreuzstraße and Bergbräustraße region, expressed by the citizen.

BZA has reported that plans are apparently being made to relocate the track, which leads directly beyond the sunbathing lawn to the Donauwurm Water Course in the quarry pond. More details will follow at the next meeting. The commission has campaigned for the resettlement for a long time in order to make the stay at Danube Wurm more pleasant for visitors.

The presentation of the concept of reconfiguring the Danube, which was presented by the district group of the Federal Society for the Conservation of Nature at the meeting, was unanimously approved. Accordingly, the most valuable area on the Danube bank is the Mitte district, which must be protected from entry by the so-called island solution. For this purpose, the relocation of the footbridge over Ludl was desirable, it was clarified. Thus, the entire concept envisions the incorporation of alluvial forests in the west of Neuburg and in the east near the Großmehring to form a biological network in order to ensure the protection of the species. She added that the topic is scheduled for July at the city council.

Commemorating the Victims of Witchcraft

Andreas Fredi has been the police liaison officer in the city center for a year and a half. He now presented himself to the commission personally and reported on his duties. Therefore, he considers himself a contact for everyone and would like to deal with citizens’ problems in direct contact and help with the solution before filing a complaint, he said. In addition to his work as a liaison officer, his area of ​​responsibility also includes prevention work in inner city schools.

The administration agreed to install a memorial plaque in front of the Jeep Tower for the victims of the witch burns in Ingolstadt. The app came from BZA. She added that the cultural office will bear the costs. Three artists have already been selected to think about the design. DK