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Influencer Natthamon Khongchak Scammed His Followers Out Of $55 Million

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The influencer cheated his followers out of $55 million

Thai influencer Natthamon Khongchak, better known as Nutty, is said to have cheated her fans out of $55 million. Now she is wanted under an arrest warrant.


Influencer Natthamon Khongchak is said to have stolen $55 million from her followers.

No trace of Natamon Khongchak. If you post cheerfully on social media, it’s now very quiet about the influencer. According to Singaporean newspaper The Straits Times, Khongchak is said to have swindled more than 6,000 investors of their money.

Investors are their fans and followers. Because Khongchak gave her 847,000 fans on YouTube and more than 310,000 investment tips for her Instagram followers. However, their followers did not see the big money.