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Indoor plants for dark corners

Indoor plants for dark corners

Light is important for indoor plants to generate energy. But not everyone likes to sit right by the window. Which ones are suitable for the dark corners of the shelf?

The basics in brief

  • One likes to put indoor plants by the window – but some really grow in the shade.
  • Above all, this includes plants whose native habitat is the rainforest.
  • Examples are the kalladi, the dragon tree, the calathea, or the cob floss.
  • It is best to keep them in a dark place on the shelf or in a damp place in the bathroom.

Is there no room in the window? Some houseplants do not feel comfortable there anyway and prefer to move to the second row without direct sunlight.

Here are some plants for places you might not have put green before.

down on the shelf

The Kaladie plant, also called the colored leaf, belongs on one of the lower shelf levels or under other large indoor plants. In their homeland, the rainforest, it grows in shrubs, explains the Florist Council.

However, as the owner, you have to expect that the Kaladie will not be so striking from November onwards. Then the plant goes into hibernation and sheds all its leaves.

But you don’t have to water the kalladi anymore, and you don’t mind shoving it into the basement, for example. But from the end of January, it must be returned to its usual position.

In a corner of the room

The dragon tree is a suggestion for a corner of the room. It is available as a houseplant, but also as an indoor tree with a slightly greater height.

Calathea also loves such a site.

Since it comes from the primeval forests of the Amazon and lives there in the shade under dense vegetation, it’s perfect for dark corners – or for a bathroom, where the plant’s water vapor can provide a tropical environment.

in the bathroom

Of course, no typical houseplant can absolutely do without light.

But the monochromatic types of piston threads can be relatively dark, the colors need more light.

However, it is important for the piston thread that its location has a high level of moisture, so the place in the bathroom is perfect for it.

Otherwise, it is advisable to spray the plant frequently with an aqueous spray – not directly, but around it. Or you can put a moisturizer next to it.