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Indonesia: Australian surfer rescued after 36 hours

Indonesia: Australian surfer rescued after 36 hours

The surfers were saved

After 36 hours in the open ocean, they couldn’t believe their luck

Relatives of four Australian surfers are breathing a sigh of relief after their boat suddenly disappeared in Indonesia. All were rescued safely after about 36 hours of struggle.


Video shows the moment the missing surfers were found alive after more than 36 hours.

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  • Four missing surfers from Australia were found on Tuesday.

  • They had previously encountered bad weather and heavy rain in their boat.

  • The father of one of the missing is relieved but hopes his son will continue the journey.

It’s been a harrowing 36-plus hours for the friends and family of four young Australian surfers. Elliott Foote, his partner Steph Weiss and friends Will Diggle and Jordan Short set out with a group of 12 Australians on two wooden boats to Penang Island. They would rent bungalows there, surf for ten days and do Eliots at the same time Celebrate your 30th birthday.

But, while sailing at sea, the boats got stuck in bad weather and heavy rains. “ABC News” reports that ten of the passengers decided to seek refuge on Sarang Alu Island. Others decided to continue the journey. Later she was lost. Four friends and three Indonesian crew members were on board. It is still unclear what happened.

“Where’s Elliot?”

News of the rescue came Tuesday: Nearly two days later, three of the four surfers were found floating on their boards in the ocean. Two of the three team members are even. However, Elliott Foote and a third crew member are missing. Eliot separated from the trio, Get help. But his family can also breathe a sigh of relief: “The Sydney Morning Herald” writes that the 30-year-old was found by a fisherman some time later, 30 kilometers from his friends. He drove to a surf camp where he texted his father. The search for the third crew continues.

The news came from Elliott as his father, Peter Foote, spoke to reporters. “Hey dad, it’s Elliot. I’m alive and I love you. We’ll talk later,” a visibly relieved father read his son’s message. He told CNN: “I’m really glad everything went well and I hope he continues his holiday. He’s in a great place to celebrate. He’s got eight more nights to enjoy and then I’m looking forward to him coming straight home.”

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