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Indonesia and Australia discuss 2034 World Cup bid

Indonesia and Australia discuss 2034 World Cup bid

After the decision to host the 2030 World Cup on three continents, Saudi Arabia is the favorite to host it four years later. However, there are now signs of competition from maritime associations.

Where will the 2034 World Cup be held? Apart from Saudi Arabia, associations from Oceania have also expressed interest in hosting the final.
FIFA via Getty Images

Saudi Arabia is clearly considered to host the 2034 World Cup finals. FIFA has also decided to host individual events in South America, in addition to the 2030 hosts Spain, Portugal and Morocco. The wealthy Gulf nation is notable for its 2030 Games rotational policy. Potential organizers can only come from Asia and Oceania. Saudi Arabia was previously considered the only serious candidate for the 2034 tournament, but now signs of competition are growing.

Indonesia is in talks with Australia – Malaysia and Singapore are interested

Association president Eric Tohir confirmed Indonesia is currently in discussions with Australia about a joint bid for the finals in 11 years. The Australian newspaper “Sydney Morning Herald” was quoted as saying, “We are in discussions with Australia.” “When I visited Malaysia and Singapore, both countries expressed interest in joining.”

In addition to the joint application of the four countries mentioned, there is now a second possibility: Indonesia along with New Zealand and Australia, the latter two of which only hosted the Women’s World Cup in the summer. “We are still open to these options as the application process will continue for a few more weeks,” Dohir explained. A deadline of October 31, by which associations can register their interest in hosting the tournament at the World Association, has accelerated discussions.

Talks from March – Australia wants to take a “radical approach” to the application

A joint application was first discussed at the FIFA Congress in Rwanda in March and discussions are ongoing. Tohir held discussions with Indonesian President Joko Widodo, who responded positively to the plans. Additionally, the Australians “asked again that we take this seriously.”

The FIFA Council recently announced that the 2030 finals will be awarded to Spain, Portugal and Morocco, with three matches to be played in Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay. The World Federation’s conference still needs to formally ratify the decision next year.

Asian Football Confederation backs Saudi Arabia’s bid – letter submitted

The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) is behind Saudi Arabia’s bid, which earlier this week submitted an official letter of intent to bid for the 2034 tournament. The kingdom has been criticized for human rights abuses, among others. After the Gulf state’s ambitions for 2034 became public, Australia announced it would continue to consider a possible application.

Indonesian football has repeatedly made headlines in recent times. Last year more than 100 people were killed in a mass panic at a stadium in Java. Also, the world association excluded the country from the U-20 World Cup in March. The decision was preceded by protests against Israel’s participation, but officially it was not a reason for the new award; In the end Argentina took over the event on behalf of Indonesia.