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"Indiana Jones 5": a fan provokes the director to white temperature

“Indiana Jones 5”: a fan provokes the director to white temperature

‘Indiana Jones 5’: A fan provokes the director until his collar explodes

“Indiana Jones 5” is coming. We know that for sure, since a week ago The first pictures from the photoshoot were leaked. Since then, fan speculation has surfaced, which we will see in the fifth part of the series. This speculation is regularly fueled by new leaks, even director James Mangold got into controversy with some fans.

In fact, “Indiana Jones 5” will be the first Movie This is not directed by Steven Spielberg. Mangold, who shot critics’ favorites such as “Le Mans 66”, “Logan” and “Walk the Line”, took charge of it. This leads some fans loudly to criticize “Indiana Jones 5” before it came out.

James Mangold at the Berlinale 2017, at the press conference on “Logan”. Photo: Wikimedia

Fan drives outlet to white heat

Matthew Kadish, who runs a fairly small podcast and YouTube channel as Salty Nerd, pissed so hard on Mangold’s leg that the director engaged in a heated exchange with Kadish. Mangold saw himself primarily provoked by a tweet from the podcaster player, which went viral and thus also appeared on his face:

“If anyone thinks Indiana Jones 5 is going to be okay, I just want to make the following points:

  1. Steven Spielberg is not directing.
  2. Kathleen Kennedy produces.
  3. Harrison Ford is 78 years old.
  4. It was written by Jonathan Kasdan, who also wrote the song “Solo”.

Mangold reacted somewhat toxic to this by writing that Kaddish shouldn’t be judging from his basement over a movie that was only made for a week. Additionally, Kaddish is not properly told because the script is no longer by Jonathan Kasdan, but is started over with the Butterworth brothers. (The latter co-wrote the final screenplay for Mangold’s “Le Mans 66”). In points 1 to 3, he just wrote that the people were behind his entire movie.

Kaddish, of course, couldn’t let this answer calm down. So he went on to criticize Ford and made it clear that, as he was about 80 years old, he wouldn’t be able to make believable action scenes:

Mangold responded by criticizing Kadesh, who threw the accusations without any real basis:

Did you read the text, Matt? Obviously not, because you don’t even know who wrote it. So why not take a break until there’s a trailer, a title, or something to piss off. Perhaps it may be that I took all of your concerns into account.”

But even after that, Kadesh was not satisfied and said that he had already messed with screenwriters and other people on filming sets and had a right to his opinions. Then Mangold blew his collar off: When the podcaster posted a photo of his studio shortly afterwards to prove he wasn’t living in a basement, Mangold pulled one off. Mail about equipment.


“We don’t have cellars. But we have a funky studio with a Batman figurine.”

“Yes, this is a great studio. Congratulations on the Batman statue. A glass with a cork. So how about if you let me finish my movie and then whine about it as much as you like, in front of your vinyl tiles, lit by an imaginary bounce light. And maybe you don’t call your opinion ‘news’…”

Then this malicious criticism went to Kadesh in order to honor him in the audio broadcast. Mangold was accused of being petty:

“Today the multimillion dollar Hollywood director who has worked with Tom Cruise, Matt Damon, Hugh Jackman, Harrison Ford and Patrick Stewart spoke about the home YouTube studio I built in my dining room for recording podcasts with friends.”

Mangold’s answer:

“Today’s guy said on a podcast about my movie (which I haven’t made yet) that it was bad. He was misled and insulted his dear friends and when I answered he sent me a picture from his studio. I wasn’t kind to his studio. And I.”

Of course, this blow exchange has never been hidden from the rest of the Twitter community. Finally, another user criticized Mangold for annoying fans with his tweets. Mangold said he usually tries not to let subjective criticism get close to him. Unfortunately, it didn’t work this time. However, at the same time, he also criticized the people who might actually smell against the “Indiana Jones 5”:

“And who are these fans that I care about? What kind of “fans” are they? They are clearly not a fan of Harrison Ford. Not my fan. You don’t seem to be an exact “Indian” fan. Help me understand because normally, when I approach someone and say I’m a fan, I don’t insult them.”


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