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Indiana Jones: 10 interesting facts about the film's 40th anniversary

Indiana Jones: 10 interesting facts about the film’s 40th anniversary

World’s Most Famous Archaeologist Reports 10-40 Facts About “Indiana Jones”

On June 12, 1981 he came to United States of America a Movie In cinemas, one of the most famous movie characters in popular culture Presented by: Indiana Jones.

40 years later, Harrison Ford is still out with a fedora and a whip, As shown in the pictures from the filming of the fifth part. To celebrate four decades of antiquity adventures and trick-or-treaters, here are 10 compelling facts about Indy.

“Indiana Jones” is closely related to culture

In 1999, “Indiana Jones – Raiders of the Lost Ark” was included in the US National Film Registry. This is a movie guide for movies that are especially worth saving. Only films deemed to be of cultural, historical, or aesthetic significance are included. It’s the only part of the “Indiana Jones” series that has made it into this guide. Today, Indiana Jones is considered one of the most famous movie characters in the world, even among people who have not seen the movie before.

Bone is tough in real life too

The Nazi plane actually passed over Harrison Ford’s leg during filming. But he was lucky: due to the sweltering heat in Tunisia, where the scene was filmed, the rubber tire of the plane became very soft. Instead of breaking his leg, he only suffered a torn ligament. Ford refused medical help, wrapped his knee in ice, and continued to do so.

One of the most famous stumbling blocks in the world

In the famous scene in which Andy escapes from the Round Rock, he travels briefly and almost falls. It was real and Steven Spielberg captured it for the movie.

What Spielberg did during breaks

During breaks in filming, Steven Spielberg wrote a new script with screenwriter Melissa Matheson. Matheson was actually willing to visit her husband, Harrison Ford. Spielberg gave her an idea for a new story. In fact, Spielberg was able to shoot the resulting script later. It was released in 1982 as “ET – The Extra-Terrestrial”.

How a monkey became a pro-Nazi

For the scene in which the monkey salutes Hitler, the crew required a lot of creativity and perseverance. To make the monkey extend its arm, a grape was attached to a telescopic pole. This was pinned to the monkey, out of the camera’s field of view. However, it took a tiring 50 minutes for the monkey to extend an arm so that it sounded like a salute to Hitler.

Doc Ock was also a villain in the movie Indiana Jones

“Indiana Jones” was the first movie in which actor Alfred Molina played a role big enough to be shown in the credits. In popular culture today, among other things, his portrayal as Dr. Otto Octavius ​​in the 2004 movie “Spider-Man 2” is well known.

From the insignificant grave robber Alfred Molina…

Photo: Disney

…became a villain d. Otto Octavius.

Build: Sony Pictures

You speak German do?

The Nazis originally spoke German. However, the actors in question were Americans who could not speak German. As a result, the corresponding dialogues not only came with an American accent, but were sometimes wrong. For the German translation, these scenes have also been re-dubbed. For later DVD releases, the scenes in question were also re-recorded of American origin – this time correctly and without the American accent.

The lady who was a man

The sight in the tomb with countless snakes was quite a challenge for the crew. A total of about 7000 snakes are required for this. Where: In fact, not all of them were snakes, but rather large blind worms. It can be recognized by the fact that it has pierced ears on the side, which snakes lack. Of all the countless snakes, only the cobra was poisonous. A crew member was bitten in the hand by a snake.

Since the double watch of Karen Allen (Marion) refused to stand amid the queues, an unconventional solution had to be found: Snake supervisor Stephen Edge shaved his legs, put on a woman’s dress and like Marion in the middle of the queues. . On the other hand, Harrison Ford is the same every time he’s in the queues. Even the sight of a cobra is not fake because it is not afraid of snakes.

Spielberg couldn’t decide on a piece of music

John Williams composed two theme song suggestions for the film. When Spielberg played them on the piano, he was very pleased with them. He suggested to Williams that he use both. The composer complied with this request and combined both tunes into the now known “March of the Conquerors”.

Indiana Jones didn’t want to start a studio at first

In 1981, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas were two of the most successful directors in Hollywood. Lucas was considered a young talent riding a wave of success through Star Wars. Spielberg became famous as a world genius thanks to the third kind of “white shark” and “super encounters”. However, no studio initially wanted to fund Indiana Jones. One of the reasons for this is that Spielberg’s last movie “1941” was a commercial failure. In addition, Spielberg was considered unreliable because he always exceeded his planned shooting time and budget.

After trying unsuccessfully in the studios for several months, she left Paramount Pictures. However, they had to make some concessions to do so. Among other things, Spielberg should not exceed the budget and the planned filming time. Failure to do so will result in heavy fines. Since Spielberg did not want to disappoint his close friend Lucas, who was in charge of the producer, he did everything to keep the schedule. Among other things, he was content to shoot a scene after the first shot or two, even if he was actually considered a perfectionist who tends to repeat scenes dozens of times.

In fact, the entire movie was finished just a few days before the scheduled closing date. Spielberg has never exceeded his schedule since then.


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