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India: Both pilots would have done better without this snack

India: Both pilots would have done better without this snack


The two pilots could have done better without this snack

In a Twitter entry, two Indian pilots showed how comfortable they are in the cockpit at 12,000m with Gujias and tea on a fluffy shelf. Now two food sinners have been grounded.


With no tray under them, the pilots ate dumplings and drank tea.


  • Two Indian Airlines pilots have been grounded.

  • They had tea and dumplings in the cockpit in the immediate vicinity of sensitive electronics.

  • When a photo of her appeared on social media, SpiceJet leadership responded.

Pilots are people too – hence they are sometimes hungry and thirsty. But the way two pilots of India’s low-cost carrier SpiceJet have cemented themselves in the air now has dire consequences for the duo.

Because the two didn’t make a fuss about safety on the plane while having their snack and ate their Gujias along with tea from the center console in Boeing 737 In which sensitive and system related electronics are hidden. It is hard to imagine what would happen if turbulence caused tea to spill over the utensils.

The incident, which occurred on a flight over the Holi holiday on March 8 and was made public on March 14, has now had consequences for the men at the controls, India Today reported: SpiceJet airline said. There will be an investigation and then criminal proceedings.

As quotes a spokesperson for the German pilots’ union Vereinigung Cockpit, the pilots are penalized for a good reason: “Actually, open drinks are not a good idea in electronics. Liquid and electronics don’t go together,” she said on request. Even many airlines Drinks are not accepted at this point, let alone ‘off’ without a tray.

This wasn’t the first time SpiceJet made headlines for an unwelcome incident: a disruption occurred in May 2022 due to its autopilot not working properly, injuring several passengers. And it was already nine years ago A videotape of two dancing aviators This cost the job – this trip also took place during Holi.

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