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India and China agree to maintain stability along the border – Brenza Latin

During the eleventh round of talks at the level of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces in Sushul, Ladakh, the two countries agreed to avoid any new incidents and to maintain joint peace along the border.

Delegates from both sides stressed that ending the withdrawal of troops from various areas would lead to consideration of the expansion of forces and the assurance of a complete restoration of peace and tranquility, as well as the advancement of bilateral relations.

The report said it was important for India and China to be guided by the consensus of their leaders, to continue their communication and dialogue and to act swiftly towards a mutually acceptable solution to the remaining issues.

They agreed to jointly maintain stability on the ground and avoid any further incidents and to maintain joint peace in the border areas.

Friday’s military talks between the two countries sought to ease tensions known as the so-called Royal Control Line, which temporarily separates the two countries.

The two most populous countries on Earth have completed the withdrawal of troops and combat equipment from the shores of Lake Pangong by nuclear weapons, for which the recent meeting focused on withdrawing from other frictions.

Tensions erupted in June 2020 over violent hand-clashes between its soldiers in Ladakh’s Calvan Valley, an event considered the worst in more than four decades on the bilateral border.

Prior to the outbreak of the conflict in May last year, the two forces decided to return their forces to their positions.

The respective foreign ministers met in Moscow last September as part of a ministerial meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, where they agreed to withdraw troops and restore peace in the region.

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