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Indi EV One: Are you competing for the Tesla Model Y?

Indi EV One: Are you competing for the Tesla Model Y?

California-based startup Indi EV plans to start production of the Electric One in mid-2023. Prices start at around €41,600.

The autonomous electric vehicle company, Indi EV for short, based in the US state of California, has introduced its first electric vehicle. With the Indi One, you want to unequivocally address customers who are also interested in a Tesla Model Y.

Vic, short for “Computer Integrated Computer”, aims to be the heart of the software in the car. Here the manufacturer relies on an open source approach. The system must be compatible with Windows 10 and Android Automotive. With 5G mobile connectivity and microphones and cameras also installed in the car, the One should also cause quite a stir as a mobile office.

Planned production from mid-2023

The Indi One can now be booked, and production is scheduled to start in mid-2023. Technical data is scarce. The company revealed on its website that the Indi One twin-engine should have a system power of 475 hp (482 hp) and accelerate from a standstill to 60 mph (mph, this value corresponds to about 97 km/h). to accelerate. The 95 kWh battery provides a range of about 485 kilometres. Electricity of up to 100 kW can be drawn from the fast charger.

The base model has a 275 hp (279 hp) electric motor, and the battery stores 75 kWh of electricity for a good 370 km. It’s a little slower, taking 6.7 seconds to accelerate to 60 mph. The maximum speed is 195 km / h, the twin-engine version is 210 km / h.

US customers can purchase the Indi One rear motor after the booking period for $45,000. The premium all-wheel drive model will cost $69,000. Later, the electric car will also be presented in Europe.


With the Indi One, a new electric car will be launched from California in 2023. Could the startup see Tesla’s throne?