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Der Zug einer Demonstration linker und linksradikaler Gruppen gegen eine angekündigte Räumung des alternativen Wohnwagencamps "Köpi" zieht die Warschauer Straße entlang, 09.10.2021 (Quelle: dpa / Christoph Soeder).

Independent left-wing trailer camp: About 1,000 people demonstrated against the evacuation of “Kobe Platz”

The independent left-wing trailer camp “Kobeplatz” in Berlin-Kreuzberg is due to be evacuated within a week. On Saturday evening, about 1,000 leftists and leftists in autonomy demonstrated against the eviction. Sometimes the demonstration train stopped.

About 1,000 people demonstrated on Saturday evening against the evacuation of the independent left-wing trailer camp “Kobeplatz” in Berlin. Police confirmed this to RBB. A spokeswoman for rbb said | 24 At about 10 pm, the number of participants reached nearly 1,000, according to a report by “Tagesspiegel”, the number of demonstrators rose to 1,500 during the demonstration. Police said 69 people had originally registered to take part in the demonstration marking the anniversary of the eviction of the leftist independent housing project Liebig 34. However, the authorities assumed that the number of participants was much greater and planned to disseminate them accordingly on a large scale.

About 300 self-styled leftists and leftists gathered around 7 pm in the so-called “village square” in Riegerstrasse. Remaining initially peaceful, opponents of the eviction gave speeches. However, videos on Twitter also show how to throw fireworks. About 700 police personnel were on duty, the spokeswoman said.

The demonstration march began at about 7 pm from “Dorfplatz” through Warschauer Strasse in the direction of Mitte. In Oberbaumbrücke between Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg, the demonstration was temporarily halted by police around 7.45 pm, with reprimands that some participants were masked and must remove their clothes. So the police spokeswoman described the situation to the official. Demonstration observers criticized the fact that police officers temporarily cordoned off the march on the bridge. After a few minutes, the participants were able to continue walking. In the front of the demonstration there were quarrels, some participants threw bottles. The crowd repeatedly heard anti-police slogans.

At about 8:50 p.m., the test train reached its registered destination, Wagenplatz at Köpenicker Straße 133-136. The participants threw firecrackers and bottles at the police officers. The police temporarily arrested several people and used pepper spray, the mood was aggressive. According to preliminary information from the evening, a police officer was wounded, but it was not initially known how many were wounded among the demonstrators. According to the police’s preliminary conclusion late Saturday evening in an interview with rbb | 24, there was an attempt to release prisoners and several physical attacks on police officers. A spokeswoman referred to the following day for a more accurate assessment of the evening.

Jörg Reichel, president of the Berlin Union of German Journalists (dju), which is part of Verdi, reported via Twitter that a photojournalist had been arrested for a short time for violating copyright law. The demo was announced to have ended after a final rally around 9:20 p.m., after which the situation quickly calmed down. The event was recorded until just before midnight.

Broadcast: Inforadio, October 9, 2021, 8:30 p.m.