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Incidence stability: further mitigation in the Lörrach region

Incidence stability: further mitigation in the Lörrach region

After the Robert Koch Institute for the Lörrach district published an incidence value of 42.4 on Sunday, May 30, this is the fifth consecutive day the value has fallen below 50 in the area. It will take effect on Monday, May 31, 2021 More facilitation in force.

Relaxation looks like this:

Meetings in private or public places with 10 people from a maximum of 3 families. Children are not counted in captivity until the age of 13.

Further opening of retail business with the following conditions:

  • Stores less than 10 square meters: maximum of 1 customer
  • Shops up to 800 square meters: 1 customer per 10 square meters sales area
  • The following applies to the area behind this: 1 customer per 20 sq.m. (not applicable to food retailers)
  • The mask is also mandatory in front of shops and in parking lots
  • Controlled access
  • Avoid waiting lists
  • Sales promotions are not permitted
  • There is no obligation to test

Restrictions have also been eased in archives, libraries and libraries. The same applies to zoos and botanical gardens, galleries, memorials, and museums.

Mitigation should be withdrawn if the incidence is over 50 on three consecutive days, Lörrach County Office wrote in a media release on Sunday.

The distance requirement in secondary and vocational schools will be raised on May 31, making face-to-face teaching possible again. In the classroom group, outdoor sports are allowed and day excursions are permitted.