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Incidence rises to 169.9 - 5 things you need to know about the record high - Local Politics

Incidence rises to 169.9 – 5 things you need to know about the record high – Local Politics

Can we expect a new record every day now?

The Robert Koch Institute has reported 37,120 new cases of coronavirus. This represents 12,452 more positive tests than last Friday (24,668 cases). The infection rate increased for seven days – from 154.5 on Thursday to 169.9 today.

In terms of the number of new infections every day, we are at the highest level since the beginning of the epidemic.

Health Secretary Jenna Spahn (CDU) will announce at noon how the federal states will react to the deteriorating situation.

cause for concern? BILD says what you need to know now:

► Infected people do not become ill spontaneously. Many infections are occasional.

► Autumn season: Viruses spread best during the cold season.

► The infection rate is also increasing because there are a lot of tests among school children (2 to 3 times a week). However, they rarely become seriously ill.

► BUT: The numbers are also increasing among the elderly. This is a problem because they lose protection from vaccination. You need the third spade – the booster vaccination.

► People who have been vaccinated also transmit the virus. But the risk of serious illness is much lower for them. That is why the situation is better now than it was in 2020.

Virologist Professor Jonas Schmidt Schnasett (42, University of Hamburg) on ​​BILD: “It is important that there are free, low-threshold, high-quality tests for vulnerable groups.”

The Robert Koch Institute stressed risk assessment

For incompletely vaccinated or not vaccinated people, the RKI changed the risk assessment from “high” to “very high,” as indicated by the weekly report.

“For people who have had full vaccinations, the risk is assessed as moderate, but it is increasing due to the increasing number of infections,” she said.

A week ago, the report described the risk to vaccinated people as “moderate”. However, the RKI also asserts that all vaccines available in this country are “according to the current state of knowledge, with full vaccination effectively protecting against serious diseases”. | Eisenach is no longer independent, but is incorporated into the district of Wartburg

The current development of the situation is “extremely concerning,” writes RKI.

If measures such as masks, social distancing, reduced contact and ventilation do not quickly reduce the number of infections, there are fears of a further increase in serious illnesses and deaths. According to the report, the treatment capabilities of intensive care units could also be exceeded in this case.